The CENSE Connection


The CENSE Challenge

  • Assisting clients to develop comprehensive and substantial arguments for desired change
  • Connecting clients with social influencers, trust agents, policy makers and legislators by presenting the issues and challenges faced by industries and businesses
  • Preparing clients to manage their business and socio-political programmes in an adaptable, flexible and creative manner
  • Coaching and training client and support staff in communications designed for business and political needs
  • Ensuring that a client’s reach is effective and that each project has measurable social benefits

What Makes Us Different

CENSE draws upon the expertise of its large and varied network, which includes captains of industries, policy drafters, law makers, media and civil society representatives as well as officers working with ministers and parliamentarians.

With this, CENSE is able to slice through policy pronouncements for a clearer and quicker understanding of decisions made by government and political leaders.

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