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How Social Entrepreneurs can Solve the Talent Problem

Three steps can help The impact of social entrepreneurs — individuals who deploy innovation and market forces to fill social needs — is growing. Bringing light to Africa, mobile banking to Bangladesh, low-cost ...

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Tackling Indonesia’s diabetes challenge: Eight approaches from around the world

Indonesia’s economic and demographic evolution is leading to a dramatic rise in noncommunicable diseases. How big is the problem? What approaches are other countries taking that could inform Indonesia’s respons...

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Learning at the speed of business

What digital means for the next generation of corporate academies. Corporate universities are entering their second century, just as the businesses that rely on them are transforming themselves for the digital ...


Business Opportunities of TPPA forum

CEO and director, Fui K. Soong invited by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) to be part of the panelist for a forum titled “Business Opportunities of TPPA“          

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Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback. The solution is systematically measuring the customer’s voice and integrating it into a culture of continuous feedback. Customer-experience me...

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Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2016: McKinsey Global Survey results

Executives’ optimism wanes—suggesting concern about where the economy’s heading in 2016—while their company views hold steady. A common worry is slowing growth in China, which many cite as a threat to global gr...

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Urban world: The global consumers to watch

Dramatic demographic shifts are transforming the world’s consumer landscape. Our new research finds just three groups of consumers are set to generate half of global urban consumption growth from 2015 to 2030. ...

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Why frontline workers are disengaged

Executives generally overestimate their effectiveness as motivators and leaders. Only three out of ten American workers feel engaged by their job, according to a Gallup Poll published in 2015.1 Data from McKins...

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Breaking down the gender challenge

To make meaningful progress on gender diversity, companies must move beyond the averages and focus on the biggest pain points. Corporate ambitions to achieve gender parity often produce scattershot initiatives....

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Digitizing the delivery of government services

An agile development approach was critical in a European agency’s launch of a new online system for registering businesses. Here’s how the agency moved from paper to pixels. Government agencies around the world...