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Finding the right digital balance in B2B customer experience

Growing numbers of B2B companies are focusing on digitization to succeed with customer-centric strategies. Here’s how to get it right. Customer-centric strategies, once the preserve of business-to-consumer play...

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Mastering the digital advantage in transforming customer experience

Digital services and operations are raising the competitive bar in every sector. To capture the opportunity, incumbents should embrace a new operating model that dramatically improves the digital customer exper...

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What makes a CEO 'exceptional'?

We assessed the early moves of CEOs with outstanding track records; some valuable lessons for leadership transitions emerged. New CEOs face enormous challenges as they start assembling a management team and set...

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How IT can drive agile development

A simple idea: update your operating model to be able to build small, self-contained teams that create change quickly and efficiently. Agility is about adjusting a company’s operating model and culture, meaning...


Business Opportunities of TPPA forum

CEO and director, Fui K. Soong invited by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) to be part of the panelist for a forum titled “Business Opportunities of TPPA“